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Why do cats like boxes?

Why do cats like boxes?

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Owners are always perplexed when buying a new toy for their cat and are more interested in the box it comes in! But why do cats love boxes so much? Read on to find out why.

Cats are known to love boxes. For them, there is no toy in the world, no matter how expensive or fancy, that can compare to a simple cardboard box. This is a phenomenon that baffles most cat owners, especially when they have just purchased a new bed or an adorable toy and their cat seems to like the packaging it came in.

 In this article, we explore why cats love cages and explain why they are the perfect place to sleep and hunt .

Why do cats like boxes?

There are many reasons why cats like boxes, but the main reason is that they are closed and closed. Cats are ambush predators and finding confined places to hide, chase prey, feel safe and warm is an instinctive behavior. Practical cardboard boxes are perfect for this.

Boxes are safe

Cats derive comfort and security from indoor spaces, which is why they like to spend time in boxes. Cats use boxes as hiding places where predators cannot approach from the side or behind. If the cat is in a box, any “intruders” such as prey, humans, or other pets must come directly into its line of sight , which means nothing can startle it.

Cats love cages because they help reduce stress and provide a safe place for your cat to watch without being seen. This is ideal for cats, as their reaction to stressful situations is often to run away and hide. Cats lack inherent conflict resolution strategies, so they prefer to hide from their problems. The security of a private, enclosed space is another possible answer to why cats love cages.

They help cats adapt

A recent study conducted by the University of Utrecht discovered another reason why cats love boxes. The study was conducted on a group of shelter cats, about half of whom received boxes and the other half did not.

Research has shown that  cats with boxes recover faster and adapt more quickly to their environment . This goes to show that cages are incredibly useful for cats to help them adapt to change! Read our guide to cat anxiety for more tips on how to deal with it.

Cardboard is an excellent insulator

Another reason cats love crates is that they’re great for keeping warm! Not only is cardboard a great insulator, but the small space the boxes provide encourages your cat to snuggle up and relax, making for a warm and cozy place. The ideal temperature for cats is around 37°C, so it is very important for your feline friend to stay warm.

Cats are just curious

Cats are notoriously curious, so it’s no surprise that every time you buy something new, they come to you to investigate. Not only does the new item smell different, but  your cat is also curious about what the new item is used for in their home . If you buy an item that comes in a box, don’t be surprised to see your cat running around staring at you!

These are great places to sleep

Another reason cats love crates is because they are a great place to sleep. Cats spend up to 18 hours a day sleeping, so finding the perfect spot is important.

Where you see a simple cardboard box, your cat sees a safe and luxurious cave that promises warmth and protection. It is advisable to provide the cat with a box at home to give it a safe place to hide.

It’s all about consistency

Another reason cats love boxes is the texture. Cardboard has the perfect texture for your cat to bite and scratch, making it fun to play with. Many owners find that cats love bite and chew boxes and tear them apart quickly. For your cat, a simple box is a very interesting and fun toy that can keep him entertained for days.

Crates aren’t just for house cats!

You may be surprised to learn that  older cats share many of the same characteristics as your house cat . When you gave boxes to the big cats that live in nature reserves and zoos, they enjoyed them just as much as your cat! They were seen jumping in and out of crates, sitting in them and generally having a great time.

There are many reasons why cats find boxes irresistible, but a large part of that is because they are enclosed spaces. Do you know how much water a cat should drink per day?


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